How to use

A bit unsure about how to use Contacular? Don't panic, as a great book once said.

Okay, so you want to try out Contacular. That's great!

Here is a very simple, but complete, implementation of Contacular to get you started.

If you want something more advanced or bespoke, take a look at the Contacular demonstrations.

include "contacular.php";                       // Include 'contacular.php' file
$form = new ContacularForm("simple");           // Create a new Contacular Form
$form->addRecipient(""); // Add a recipient
if ($form->processResponse($_POST))             // If processed form response,
"Thanks for contacting us!";       // display a 'thanks' message.
// If response not processed,
$form->getErrors();                // show any validation errors
echo $form->getCode();                  // and output form HTML code.

This code will give you the following fully functional contact form. With only those few lines of code, this form is complete with advanced e-mail address validation, error reporting and e-mailing out to a single recipient. In this case, ''.

Powered by Contacular

Although this basic form is what is present on many, many website, you may want to do something a little more advanced. That's cool too, there are lots of options and form types available in Contacular.

If you are happy, and want to give Contacular a try right now, head to the Contacular download page. If you like what you see, but want some more technical details, head to the Contacular documentation section.