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Please choose a Contacular download from the list below.

The latest version of Contacular is top of the list and is always recommended, whilst older versions are available if required. All downloads are in compressed zip archives.

The change log below indicates the modifications, fixes and improvements made in each new release. To upgrade to a newer version of Contacular, simply overwrite older Contacular files with the new versions.

Contacular 0.151 'clean' - 5 May 2010

* Made attribution removal more comprehensive

Contacular 0.15 'evolution' - 19 February 2010

* Custom forms
** Added empty custom form type to allow creation of bespoke forms
** Modified 'addField' function to allow addition of custom form fields for bespoke forms
* File upload ability
** Added file form field type handling
** Added validation to disallow a specific list of file extensions for uploaded files
** New function 'setDisallowedTypes' to allow overriding of default list of disallowed file extensions
** Uploaded file(s) are sent out as e-mail attachments
* New form types
** Added submitimage form type which includes name, e-mail and submit image
** Added submitdocument form type which includes name, e-mail and submit document
** Added submitresume form type which includes name, e-mail, telephone and submit Resume
** Added submitcv form type which includes name, e-mail, telephone and submit CV
* Other changes
** Change to allow custom select (drop down) form fields to be more easily created
** Removal of redundant, bespoke select form field types
** Contacular now utilises PHP Mailer class for mail out functions
** ProcessResponse function no longer requires any parameters
** Other minor fixes and code clean up

Contacular 0.141 'cupid' - 11 February 2010

* Fixed minor misspellings of 'Contacular' in comments and form/submission names

Contacular 0.14 'human' - 01 February 2010

* Added reCAPTCHA support (
** setRecaptchaPublicKey function - set the public key obtained from
** setRecaptchaPrivateKey function - set the private key obtained from

Contacular 0.1331 'required' - 29 January 2010

* Fixed minor bug regarding form HTML code when mandatory fields are used

Contacular 0.133 'wishes' - 29 January 2010

* Added 'mandatorytext' field type that is reported as required if user enters no text
* Added 'mandatorytextarea' field type that is reported as required if user enters no text
* Modified existing Contacular form types to use new 'mandatorytext' field type

Contacular 0.132 'numeric' - 28 January 2010

* Fixed form actions to use lowercase 'post' method to comply with standards
* Added version number to 'contacular.php'

Contacular 0.131 'lights camera' - 28 January 2010

* Fixed all generated forms to have absolute URLs as form action
* Fixed submission issues in some versions of Safari

Contacular 0.13 'simply' - 26 January 2010

* Changed e-mail address domain DNS validation to use checkdnsrr function for improved compatibility with more server set-ups
* Added simplesubject form type which includes name, subject, e-mail and message

Contacular 0.12 'magic' - 26 January 2010

* Improvements to handling of e-mail address fields
* Added e-mail address validation
** Basic regular expression validation
** Advanced domain name existance check
* Added validation code to processResponse function - will now return false upon validation errors
* Added getErrors function to return a HTML list of validation errors
* Added setAdvancedValidation function to allow advanced validation techniques (such as DNS checks) to be toggled on and off (enabled by default)

Contacular 0.11 'design overload' - 25 January 2010

* Support for checkbox fields
* Support for referrer fields (e.g. 'how did you find our site?')
* Added new form types:
** simplenewsletter - For subscription to a newsletter providing just e-mail address and 'subscribe' checkbox
** newsletter - For subscription to a newsletter providing name and e-mail address and 'subscribe' checkbox
** simpleresponse - Simple contact form with name, e-mail, message and 'response desired' checkbox
** contactresponse - Contact form with name, e-mail, telephone, message and 'response desired' checkbox
** companycontactreferrer - Company contact form with name, e-mail, telephone, how did you find us?, details on how you found us and message
* Added error catching in the case that an invalid form type is specified

Contacular 0.1 'slyfox' - 25 January 2010

* Initial release