Contacular now supports the reCAPTCHA human verification service - take a look at this demo!

This is a demonstration of the telephone callback Contacular form type, with reCAPTCHA support enabled. If you wish there is an example of the plain telephone callback form.

reCAPTCHA is a service which provides human verification for form submissions. If you wish to use this service to validate your Contacular forms are being submitted by a human, you must first sign up for reCAPTCHA, and then use the public and private keys you are given when constructing your Contacular form.

= new ContacularForm("callback");          // Create a new Contacular Form
$form->addRecipient("");  // Add a recipient

// Set reCAPTCHA public and private keys
// (keys must be set before processResponse and getCode functions are called)

if (
$form->processResponse($_POST))              // If processed form response,
"Thanks. We will call you back";    // display a relevant message.
echo " within the next 24 hours.";      
// If response not processed,
$form->getErrors();                 // show any validation errors
echo $form->getCode();                   // and output form HTML code.

The inclusion of the reCAPTCHA public and private keys using the code above, generates a form with full reCAPTCHA support and functionality built in, as shown below. Feel free to test it out!

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