Contacular has loads of cool features to help you make fully functional e-mail contact forms.

Contacular is an open-source PHP form generation and processing class, which can be used a full contact form solution or a expandable code base on which to develop your own solution. Here are some of its features:

  1. Fully integrated contact form solution
  2. Simple generation of contact forms
  3. Ability to create completely bespoke contact forms with unique form fields
  4. E-mailing form results to one or more recipients
  5. Secure file uploads that are attached to e-mailed form results
  6. Many built-in Contacular contact form types
  7. Integrated reCAPTCHA human check / spam protection support
  8. Adoption of existing website styling (CSS) wherever possible
  9. Form field validation in all forms
  10. Automatic validation error reporting
  11. Advanced validation - e.g. checking submitted e-mail addresses are from real domains
  12. GPL licensed, open source, object orientated code base
  13. Tested in multiple browsers on multiple platforms
  14. Seamless upgrading to new versions - just download the new version and replace the file(s)
  15. Easily expandable

Interested? Download Contacular now, and take a look at the how to use Contacular page.